Scottish Weather

It is way better than the reputation!

Scotland has a reputation of being cold, rainy and windy, it definitely does have some of those days. Our goal at is to help our clients find the best weather possible AND to prepare in case you do run into some wind (you will) and rain (you might)

Some General Comments -

The temperatures are a welcome respite from our hot humid summers. Highs in the 60s most days, more in the 70s than 50s.


The classic and quality courses are all built to play in the wind, our belief is the perfect wind in Scotland is a 2 club wind, This is enough to make you think but not so much you have to fight it.


Most rainy days in Scotland have a light shower or two. The east coast averages fewer than five days a month with over 1/4" of rain per summer month. The west coast does get more rain averaging 7 to 8 days per month.


As long as you prepare the weather in Scotland is MUCH better than its reputation, Embrace the squalls and enjoy yourself, it is all part of the experience. 

Be sure you have a good waterproof rain suit and rain gloves, with any luck you will return from your trip and complain to me that you bought the rain suit and gloves and never needed them! That is music to my ears.